MenùNFC is an innovative multilingual and multimedia service through which anyone who offers food services creates a unique and exciting dining experience.

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Core Values

Choosing what to taste in a public place has never been so simple, innovative and fun. Thanks to NFC technology just bring your smartphone to your own paper menu equipped with NFC label, and you will have the interactive menu ready for your fingertips.
Multimedia allows, through pictures and videos, to present in the best way the food and beverages. Being displayed on the smartphone of customers, the published content is ready to be shared among people on social networks and by any other means that the Web allows.

Thanks to the native multilingual option covering 30 languages everyone in the world will have the opportunity to capture every nuance of the passion that food professionals pose in the offer and get indications on food composition and allergenic.
The extreme simplicity of use extends the usability of MenùNFC to anyone who has in his hands a smartphone or tablet.


NFC & QRCode

MenùNFC® uses the most effective technologies for access the WEB canceling the waiting time of customers and taking them immediately to the menu
NFC Near Field Communication
QRC Quick Response Code

Web Based

It’s a software platform, fully owned and developend by MenùNFC® allows the merchant to manage its own menu and the customer to display it on his Mobile device. Customers do not need to download or install any APP. The merchant shall not acquire hardware devices



each traveler in the world is confronted with the need to understand the menu of restaurant services. MenùNFC® enables immediate viewing of the menu in their own language. Available in 30 languages, with dedicated dynamic dictionary and purposes in the world of food and drinks


integration with software and hardware applications in place at merchants and analytics tools for tracking customer behaviour and link customer name to product ordered

EU REG. 1169/11

from 31/12/2014 information concerning ingredients and allergens must be available to consumers within restaurant activities
MenùNFC® allows compliance with the new law.
Legal certification available


MenùNFC® allows the check payment by means of credit and debit cards, eliminating the need to cue at checkouts

Social Networks

are the most immediate communication channel company-customer and among customers
with MenùNFC® merchants benefit from a “Like”, addressed to their community, to consolidation of a Brand Loyalty also thanks to sophisticated Gamification strategies integrated with the solution


traditional, proximity, co-marketing, customer loyalty through an integrated banner in the menu display page


During Expo Milano 2015, MenùNFC® has been used ad official app in Peck Restaurant in Palazzo Italia.
MenùNFC® has been tested and appreciated by world leaders who have dined at Palazzo Italia restaurant.

MenùNFC® has been chosen by Aprilia Racing Team Gresini as partner in MotoGP events to show and translate in 30 languages the menù at the hospitality.

MenùNFC® is steadily used at Vini Italiani, Food chain inspired by Italian food tradition that counts on 4 distribution points in London


MenùNFC® has been awarded with the Horeca prize as one of the most innovative service for hospitality

NFC Forum, the international agency that regulates the use of NFC technology, has authorized MenuNFC to use the official logo of the consortium.
MenuNFC is currently the only service that has been officially recognized by the consortium at international level.


  • Riccardo Tonon
    Riccardo Tonon Founder & CTO
  • Davide Danise
    Davide Danise Founder & CEO
  • Jarrod Gorman
    Jarrod Gorman Founder & International Business Development
  • Chiara Sironi
    Chiara Sironi Founder & CMO
  • Stefano Marco Moroni
    Stefano Marco Moroni CCO
about us
MenùNFC is an innovative multilingual and multimedia service through which anyone who offers food services creates a unique and exciting dining experience
MenùNFC uses as payment gateway.
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